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Why Musical Theatre Prepared Me For Audiobooks

A few weeks ago, I was involved in a fascinating discussion about corrections and preparation in audiobook narration. Some excellent colleagues of mine didn’t entirely agree with my point of view over the role of the proofer. Some of my colleagues expressed a dislike of overly detailed prep, preferring instead to focus on their sight-reading virtuosity and a meticulous 1st Pass Edit before sending their work to a proofer. For me, this doesn’t work.

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Correcting The Read: Why Making “Mistakes” Are Good For Your Narration

I was talking to one of my favourite proofers the other day. She was marvelling at how a narrator whose work she had recently been proofing had required only one correction. For anyone who doesn’t understand the parlance, correction in audiobooks refers to a mispronounced word, extraneous noise or inconsistent character voice that has been picked up on by the audiobook proofer.

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