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The Agony and Ecstasy of Directing Yourself

One of the measures of an actor’s reputation is how easy or difficult you are to work with. You can probably all think of at least one Hollywood star who is famously difficult. There are also well-known stories of actors who are consistently popular on set because they are a breezeto be around. Beyond super-size trailer demands and personal hair stylists though, what actually causes others to label an actor easy or difficult? One measure is how easy they are to direct.

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Correcting The Read: Why Making “Mistakes” Are Good For Your Narration

I was talking to one of my favourite proofers the other day. She was marvelling at how a narrator whose work she had recently been proofing had required only one correction. For anyone who doesn’t understand the parlance, correction in audiobooks refers to a mispronounced word, extraneous noise or inconsistent character voice that has been picked up on by the audiobook proofer.

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