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The Loneliness of The Audiobook Narrator

I was very happy with how the recording went that day. The challenge was to render a scene from World War II. A group of Wehrmacht soldiers were attempting to escape their pursuers on the frozen wastelands of the Eastern Front. In addition to narrating the scene in 1stperson I was also portraying 5 different characters all gripped in their own way by the immediacy of death. To play such a scene in one take all by yourself is no mean feat. Doing this sort of thing is why audiobook narration is so fiendishly difficult to do well.

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The Difference Between Speaking and Reading

To many laypeople and, dare I say it a few actors who should know better, reading and speaking are the same thing. One is a synonym for the other. I freely admit that when I was 21, I thought exactly the same thing. Reading or narrating a text was about accuracy and clarity. You might vary your pace or tone a bit to keep it lively and intelligible and of course you would be sure to project (darling!) But speaking?

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