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The Enduring Importance of Focus

There is a saying in business that goes: “if you try to sell to everybody, you’re really selling to nobody.” The implication of this phrase is that you can’t be all things to all customers. In traditional businesses this is absolutely true. If Coca-Cola tried to sell fruit and veg and sheet metal alongside offering telecommunications training, it’s unlikely they would have maintained their position as a leading soft drinks maker. Laser focus on a single brilliantly made product has carried thousands of businesses to success.

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The Difference Between Speaking and Reading

To many laypeople and, dare I say it a few actors who should know better, reading and speaking are the same thing. One is a synonym for the other. I freely admit that when I was 21, I thought exactly the same thing. Reading or narrating a text was about accuracy and clarity. You might vary your pace or tone a bit to keep it lively and intelligible and of course you would be sure to project (darling!) But speaking?

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