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How I "Cast" the Characters in an Audiobook

A few months ago, I narrated my sixth audiobook by Sven Hassel. Hassel’s books are famous for their mixture of almost unspeakable wartime violence and dark humour. Performing highly amusing character scenes alongside incredibly graphic descriptions of life on the Eastern Front was a thrilling (and daunting) challenge. I don’t mind admitting that these titles left me exhausted. None was quite as challenging though as the final one I narrated: SS General. Why was it particularly challenging? Well, apart from the vocal and emotional exertions required by the genre I needed to find a voice for no fewer than eighty-three characters. Eighty-three!

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How Do You Speak Maori? – Recording 'Not The Faintest Trace'

Imagine my excitement when the author, Wendy M. Wilson contacted me about narrating her historical crime drama: Not The Faintest Trace. Wendy hails from New Zealand and she has written a truly gripping murder mystery set deep in the 19th century. She wanted an English voice as the central character, Frank Hardy, is an Englishman. But the book also contains Danish settlers, Maori warriors, modern New Zealanders and even a sharp-witted Chinese cook. If you’re writing about indigenous New Zealanders then it’s surely essential to embrace the Maori language and this Wendy has done with aplomb.

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The Loneliness of The Audiobook Narrator

I was very happy with how the recording went that day. The challenge was to render a scene from World War II. A group of Wehrmacht soldiers were attempting to escape their pursuers on the frozen wastelands of the Eastern Front. In addition to narrating the scene in 1stperson I was also portraying 5 different characters all gripped in their own way by the immediacy of death. To play such a scene in one take all by yourself is no mean feat. Doing this sort of thing is why audiobook narration is so fiendishly difficult to do well.

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