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Watch Your Larynx!

A great performer makes it look easy, don’t they? When an audience deliver themselves into the hands of a great professional artist they can relax. They can allow themselves to be taken to whatever place the writer/painter/musician/actor wants them to go. They are all happy to suspend their disbelief and go on a journey. That’s why we all need art. Art takes us to those parts of humanity not touched in our own lives. It’s exciting, it’s horrifying, it’s hilarious, it’s harrowing. Above all, art is life affirming and human.

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Trial By Emote

I am sitting in a sushi bar in Kings Cross watching the world continue without me for a few minutes. I try to eat my maki rolls but it hurts to swallow. I thought Sushi was a safe option for my burning larynx. But even soft rice and fish goes down like I’m swallowing barbed wire. It crosses my mind that my larynx might be bleeding. What the hell happened to me?

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Dan Dare - The Audio Adventures, How to Make a Modern Classic

In November, I had the great privilege of being invited by my dear friend Rachael Naylor to the press launch of a new audio drama series produced by B7 Media and distributed by Big Finish (“We love stories”). The audio drama in question was a revival of Dan Dare. Beloved by readers of Eagle comics, the original stories ran from 1950-67. So enduringly popular were the adventures of Colonel Dare that he has returned several times since the original run ended.

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