Why should you attend a communications workshop?

We live in a busy world, right? Money is tight, right? We might accept that communication is an immutable cornerstone in the success of any business. We also accept that training is our contractual right. But we’re busy doing stuff and training costs money so we can just go on YouTube and watch a bunch of videos and our face-to-face communication will improve quickly, easily and cheaply, right? Wrong! In any high pressure environment preparation is very important, vital in fact. The problem is there is rarely an adequate substitute for ‘the real thing’. You can only truly know what it’s like to feel the pressure, absorb it and score brilliantly from the penalty spot in the FA Cup Final when you really do it. True as this may be no professional footballer worth their salt would prefer to sit and watch a YouTube video about how to take a good spot kick when they could be on the training field honing their technique for real.

So why is then that we so willingly neglect our communications skill in business when improving that very skill can directly lead to the equivalent of scoring that Cup Final penalty? For some fear is the answer. Bury your head in the sand and hope you muddle through. For others they simply don’t realise that they could improve their skills in face-to-face communication with some very simple practical exercise. For some they just don’t think it’s important at all.

For those that don’t appreciate the value of practical face-to-face communications training, a video explaining how you can improve is not enough. Even attending a live lecture will only scratch the surface of how you can improve. The only way to really discover your strengths and combat your weaknesses as a communicator is to do the equivalent of a footballer practicing those penalties. This is where a practical, participative workshop becomes the only real choice for those who wish to improve the efficacy of and confidence in their communication skills.

When you attend one of my Communication Through Improvisation workshops, be it a 1-hour taster or full days program, you will discover how to use focused improvisation to get better at communicating with your colleagues, superiors and clients. By exploring my cornerstones of Physicality, Vocal Dexterity and Objectives you can learn to quickly interpret how others are communicating with you. You can then apply these principles to fashion an immediate, dynamic and entirely appropriate response. Best of all these ideas are designed for actors in performance so by their very nature they will work under pressure.

These are skills you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. My methods don’t include taking practice penalties but if you take the ideas to heart and use them you might just feel like you’ve scored a penalty in the cup final! Try one of my taster workshops or contact me directly today to find out how Communication Through Improvisation can help you to communicate with confidence.