New Photos courtesy of Rosie.

I know I'm a voice over and no one sees my face anymore. That doesn't mean that potential partners and employers don't still need to know what I look like! Now, I haven't done a new headshot session since 2009 and I had no idea who to approach with the task of making me look pretty. Enter Rosie Still via the magic of Linked IN. Rosie has photographed many a great band in her time (including two of my all-time heroes Michael and Freddie) and her rates were extremely competitive. So I decided to take the plunge and I'm very glad I did. Rosie looked after me throughout the process, even down to figuring out which train I needed to get to find her on the Kent/London borders. I enjoyed a very focused time in her studio and I think I can safely say that no photographer has managed before to get me looking so relaxed.

If you need new headshots but don't know where to start I can heartily recommend Rosie. Check out her site for more info or find her on Linked IN.