Bored Gamers Redux TV Spot

Last year I provided my best impression of the great Sir Patrick Stewart for the TV Show Bored Gamers. As the UK's only weekly television programme about games Jim and Greg have achieved some wonderful things with their anarchic and subtly clued up take on the world of GTA V, Mario and ZomBN1. A few weeks ago I was asked to return and voice a TV spot for the upcoming bitesize rerun of Season 1 on Latest TV: Bored Gamers Redux. It was great fun hamming it up once again and the resulting 30-second TV spot can be viewed below. Don't forget to tune in! 


Jim Devereaux & Greg Marshall are the Bored Gamers. The UK's only weekly TV show all about games. Bored Gamers Redux - see the original TV series, re-defined & re-imagined, as action-packed 30 minuted episodes. Starting on Good Friday 2015, relive the series every Friday night at 9.30pm on Latest TV!