A wonderful tribute to an all-time hero

Like millions of little boys growing up in the 1980s I was hooked on Transformers. That decade saw, in my opinion, some of the very best voice work in the history of cartoons. The mighty Frank Welker was, of course, at the forefront of this era. Yet much as I loved the voice of Megatron (and Uni in Dungeons & Dragons!) my hero was always Peter Cullen. His Optimus Prime voice was, for me, the greatest creation of a true hero's voice I have ever heard. It is as incredible that he didn't perform Prime's voice at all between 1986 and 2007 as it is unsurprising that he was the only choice to return to the role for the 2007 movie and numerous shows and games that have followed. I've never heard a voice actor able to summon such gravitas and depth from their voice as Peter Cullen. The technique is simply amazing when you hear how relatively light his regular speaking tone is. He's a true master of his art and when I found this wonderful introductory video for one of his numerous convention appearances I felt I had to share it on here.

Till all are one!


SacAnime 2015 Peter Cullen Intro Video