Going up in the world of soundproofing...

The plight of any VO using a home studio is noise. Even if you don't live next to a dual carriageway or underneath a flight path it is incredible the amount of noise distractions you can uncover when working from a home studio. This spring I've finally had enough of birds, neighbours and rain and had a professional grade studio booth constructed.

I found Nick Langley, boss of Audio Schemes Ltd, one of the UK's premier studio design and build companies to help me create a quiet space. Nick has made recording studios for Sony, Warner Brothers and The Royal Academy of Music so I figured I couldn't aim any higher for quality! The build took about a week and made use of high density plasterboard, rock wool, green glue and a lot of other things that I know of but wouldn't have the first idea how to use properly. The finished booth has an attenuated passive ventilation system and cool (in both senses!) LED lighting. The sound quality is absolutely excellent and as good as any professional booth I've recorded in. The best part of course is the fact that recording an hour of an audio book now takes about and hour and fifteen minutes instead of up to two and a half hours! I highly recommend Audio Schemes Ltd to any VO who is looking for a studio upgrade, worth every penny!