X-Men: Season One - Episodes 8, 9 and 10 now available

As some of you know I narrate the excellent Audio Drama: X Men - Season One. Well, the series is building to it's finale with the release of episodes 8 - Sentinels, 9 - Polaris and 10 - Beast. It's enormous fun to be a part of the Scyther Inc Productions family and I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed recording them. Listen out especially for Stephen Chesterton's work as the title character in Beast, he really nails it. 

It is Mutant kinds darkest hour as Dr. Bolivar Trask launches the Sentinel program. But little does he know that the AI he created to operate the robots has a grand plan of its own.

A new student arrives at the Xavier Mansion. Her name is Lorna Dane, her power is Magnetism. A power shared with one other. Her father.

Hank Mccoy leaves the X-Men, living a normal happy life with his girlfriend Vera, until he tries to have it all. The result is a transformation into a true "Beast." Sorry for the framing/loss of HD. Old computer can't handle HD rendering. You shouldn't notice after the opening.