A moment of perspective for aspiring Voice Actors

I first watched The Simpsons when I was 10-years-old. Iimmediately fell in love with the humour, anarchy and sheer originality of Springfield USA and it's inhabitants. I also fell in love with the voices. So much so that to quote or deliberately misquote hundreds of lines from the show in gross approximations of Homer's, Moe's, Bart's or Mr Burns' incredibly unique tones has become part of my family's accepted vernacular. From quite early on I was aware that the voices of the characters were provided by what seemed like an unfeasibly small cast. As time went on I came to realise that some of these wonderful performers provided more than 20 completely distinctive voices for the show!

This breathtaking versatility is at once a sobering and inspiring thought for those of us who would like to voice cartoons. The other day I saw an article that broke down who voices who in The Simpsons in a superb graphic. The original article can be found here and below is the image. Take a moment to digest just how brilliant the cast of The Simpsons really is!